Our Favorite Photos from Overnight Camp 2017

The best of the best

Every summer, our media staff works diligently to capture the Tecumseh experience for parents, campers, staff, alumni, and friends of Camp. Over the course of 10 weeks (including staff training), our team hits the shutter button on our cameras well over 200,000 times, and we edit and upload over 60,000 photos.

Of all of those photos, these are our favorites from Overnight Camp 2017. The best of the best. The cream of the crop. The best 275 of over 60,000. They represent those rare moments when everything comes together: the subject, the expression, the framing, and the light.

We’ll never be able to capture every single moment that happens here. The hugs, smiles, and laughter are limitless. But these photos provide a small window into the transformational experiences that happened here last summer. They document the relationships that form here, the joy that’s felt here, and the growth that happens here.

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Check-In & Swim Checks

Opening Campfire

Lake Village Chapel

River Village Chapel

Arts & Crafts Clinics

Active Clinics


Village Games

The Lake

The Pool


Mudhikes & Mess Making

Evening Games & Activities

Girly Girly Fun Time


Theme Dinner

Closing Campfire