Outdoor Education Field Trips

Learning is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


For more than 40 years, Camp Tecumseh has hosted overnight field trips for elementary school and middle school groups. These Outdoor Education programs enable students to connect with each other while they live, work, and play together. In addition, they gain respect for themselves, each other, and the natural world through experiences that don’t happen at school or home. Outdoor Education helps to build the types of relationships that will enhance learning back in the classroom.


We partner with teachers and parents to complement classroom studies with hands-on experiences and to meet certain state standards for teaching. In addition, an Outdoor Education trip can help to strengthen the school’s sense of community. Parents and teachers stay in the cabins with kids, teach trails, and get involved in evening campfire programs.


Camp Tecumseh Outdoor Education Leaders are highly trained to deliver experiential learning activities. In addition, they’re passionate about helping children learn and grow. Each year, we host about 13,000 participants from more than 130 schools from all over all over Indiana and Illinois. Use the links below to find out more about our Outdoor Education field trips:


Indiana history field trip for grades 3-5

Environmental awareness field trip for grades 4-6

Character development field trip for grades 5-8

Environmental awareness field trip for grades 1-3

Indiana history field trip for grades 3-5

Citizenship field trip for grades 6-8